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The term art game is not so much a genre as it is a sub-medium of video games. If you’re expecting the term to be a catch-all descriptor that will tell you everything about the software in two words, well, you’re doing it wrong and that’s your fault, not the term’s.

This is unrelated to my earlier quote, but it is by Jim Sterling as he tackles The Definition of Art Games in a way that I think everyone should be able to understand and appreciate.

I’ve rewritten this a couple of times, but really, it all comes down to the idea that “art games” is not some alternate medium but another aspect or facet of it. A game like Okami or Shadow of the Colossus is no less deserving of the term than Portal or Limbo. People need to stop assuming that “art game” only applies to Indie works and also realize that such games can, in fact, exist in established genres.

  1. caramelzappa said: I agree with Holmes on this one. Art Game is a term that is both functionally useless and actively bad for the industry.
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