The Daily Dakmordian

This is really good for people who have still somehow managed to not obtain Psychonauts, but also for people who hadn’t heard that Stacking and Costume Quest. Or at least didn’t know they’ve come to Steam, since the latter two were originally Xbox Live Arcade games.

I shouldn’t need to talk about Psychonauts, I’d like to think most people have heard of it by now. But Costume Quest is a really cute RPG about a bunch of kids and monsters invading their town on Halloween. Likewise, Stacking is this charming and unique adventure/puzzler (hard to define genre) based on the idea of Russian matryoshka dolls, and you play a young boy who is searching for his family. The mechanic of hiding inside of people to get around or accomplish things is really neat!

The bundle itself is useless to me as I already own the three main games, have no interest in Brutal Legend, and am already a backer of the Double Fine Adventure game Broken Age. However, I certainly am not going to miss the opportunity to let others know!